1. Rewind 5 minutes…….. “I’m not tired daddy”

    EOS-M | 22 f/2

  2. Caellum today for St Patricks Day. Showing his Irish colours!

    M9 | 35 Lux

  3. Happy St Paddy’s Day!

    Ireland is my second home, so I wish everyone across the pond a wonderful St Paddy’s Day.

    Raise a glass to the ones that came, the ones that left and the ones that are here to enjoy the day.

    Bain sult as an lá

  4. I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t shot all that much. Hopefully that changes this week.

    Caellum passed out in the back of the car. It takes a lot longer to knock him now while driving, but it’s great when it happens!

    EOS M | 22mm

  5. New car for Theresa! She took possession today.

    2013 Ford Edge Sport, I really dig the 22” wheels.. that was probably my doing.

    Caellum took about 4 seconds to put giant mud marks from his winter boots on the back of the front seat. Kids rule that way.

  6. The spring is near….

    …. so off the whip goes to get a tune-up at Kamikaze in Collingwood.

    I’ll be putting new brakes on this year, a nice Shimano Trail XTR kit. I find stopping power to be important and it probably could have prevented a couple of meetings with trees last year.

    If you need a serious trail or mountain bike, see Chris at Kamikaze, he knows everything.

    2012 Santa Cruz Blur LT

  7. Media night at the homestead.

    First up, a dominating performance in Mario.

    I finally broke down and got some 3D glasses for the TV, it’s actually pretty cool. The first 3D movie was Avatar, which seemed appropriate. This is Caellum’s first go at a 3D movie at home.

    I don’t think Caellum’s ever seen a 2D movie at the theatre.

    M9 | 35 Lux

  8. Caellum had Carnival at school this week, Bonhomme de Neige even made an appearance.

    We’re looking forward to the end of winter! Though we’re thinking we may head to Quebec City next year for the real Carnival. I can already taste the breakfast crepes…..

    I was using a lens that backfocuses worse than anything I’ve ever used on a rangefinder. That’s what I get for not getting the Leica version!

    M9 | 50 f/1.1 Nokton

  9. An evening at swimming lessons.

    Most nights, Caellum enjoys heading to the pool. It’s a great way to make sure he sleeps well at night.

    He swims with boys older than he is. As such, he’s always trying to keep up, and sometimes he does.

    M9 | 35 Lux

  10. True story…

    The t-shirt on the right was purchased for the 4 year old on the left. They’re getting close in size pretty quickly.


    M9 | 35 Lux